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Weird keyboard issue in Windows XP


A client of mine has Windows XP SP 3.  He did something to mess up his keyboard and now has to hold each letter down to get it to come up on the screen.  His description:

 I was typing a reply to an email in Thunderbird.  I held down the right shift key while looking for a symbol.  Probably for 20-25 seconds.  A pop up showed up that I've never have seen before.  It said that I had held the key down too long and that there were options.  I clicked cancel.  Tried to push the shift and symbol key again and then go to numbers following.  No numbers but upper case symbols.  Push and held the shift key again and the pop up reappeared.  I selected an option I thought would get me out of there and clicked apply.  Instead, now I have to hold each letter down to then get it to print.

What I tried to do to fix.
1.  Went to control panel to change keyboard settings.  No change.
2.  Restart, no change.
3.  Reset the clock to yesterday, no change.
4.  Looked all through help, didn't find any in either Thunderbird or the general XP help.
5.  Tried the trouble shooting function in control panel, couldn't help.
6.  Reinstalled Thunderbird, no change.
7.  I tried to find in Windows some page that would tell me what systems changes I had made today, and can't even find such a box or file.  There has to been one, true?

Anyone seen this before?  I have no clue.


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