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VPS required for 100k - 200k uniques/month?

I'm helping a friend migrate a blogger site to wordpress and need to make some hosting decisions.  It will be importing 8 years worth of posts,   NO e-commerce.  Each post is 7-10 pictures and text.

The guy who developed the wordpress was trying to push me into a $150-$200 / month VPS hosting plan, and he wanted $800/year for maintenance.

The site currently gets 100,000 uniques/month.  

Is that over-kill?

The godaddy "ultimate" says it can handle 400,000 uniques/month and is only $15/month

My main concern is consistency of performance.

The user who will be responsible for the site is very non-technical and isn't well suited to any maintenance.   A simple managed wordpress plan seems more his speed.


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