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I have something going on that I have never seen before.

I created a table by using the following code:

Now, whenever I update a row in either table, it automatically gets updated in the other. Or, if I insert a new row, it gets inserted into the other.

What is happening?
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Whatever it is it has nothing to do with the query you created. That query will perform a SELECT INTO one time. After that the two tables are separate entities. The new table will have the same data definition as the old but it will not have the indexes or key constraints that the old table had. There's something else happening.

If you run a simple INSERT statement in SSMS does it come back with a single message:
(1 row(s) affected)
or do you get 2 of those?


Thank you. You helped confirm that I was wrong and gave me a way to test in addition to what I was already doing.

As happens many times it technology, I discovered that I had made a typo leading to the issue.

Thanks again for your time and answer!

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