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Comcast business email

I have a company with 20 user/mailboxes hosted on Comcast business email server. Company has its own domain name
mydomain.com and Comcast record offers MX record see below
I would like to use barracuda cloud mail security for antispam and primarily for email encryption service.
so I can easily change inbound mx record so it points first to barracuda cloud. but for email encryption I have to point all outgoing email to Barracuda as well and that is a challenge with Comcast. IF I had access to exchange server I  could've create transport rule to point SMTP traffic to Barracuda. How do I do it with Comcast business? Talked to Comcast business support and they don't have any clue.

MX01   mx01.biz.comcast.net  
 MQ01  mx02.biz.comcast.net  
 IMAP  imap.w14a.comcast.net  
 ActiveSync  mail.w14a.comcast.net  
 SMTP  smtp.w14a.comcast.net  
 AutoDiscover  autodiscover-rd.w14a.comcast.net  
 ExchangeWebServices  mail.w14a.comcast.net  
 POP  pop.w14a.comcast.net  
 MQ02  mx03.biz.comcast.net  
 OutlookAnywhere  mail.w14a.comcast.net
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