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Dear All
I wonder if you can assist me, I’m about to implement a server which will be running IIS for website Database and wanted to know what would be best practice in regards to IP address and DNS? This is to run a HR database which will be accessible to internal user over the WAN either by a subdomain or by I know that I will have to point an IP to the server but I want to make it as secure as possible and am not sure how to achieve this. I ask as I know that anyone will be then be able to search the IP.

Current Infrastructure:
DL308 GEN 9
Cisco Meraki MX80
1x Static IP

If you could let me know you thoughts I’d be grateful.
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To reduce the attackable profile you usually put a web server into a DMZ, which is physically separated from the LAN. That laso allows you to give the server a public IP and route to it, instead of having to NAT to a private IP. Firewall rules are usually much simpler, too.
The issue is not to know the public IP  - that will happen anyway -  but to gain access to the web server machine, and run malicious code on it. It the server is in a DMZ, access from server to LAN is restricted, adding security.
Anything facing the public side of Internet needs special care and continious supervision.

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