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text to columns problem

I need to format a text to column.  the problem is...  i am unable to find a consistent identifier between the two columns except for.

More than one space.........

in column a,  you will see that i can't use spaces because some of the addresses contain more than one space and i can't use fixed width because some of the addresses flow into where the name would be of the customer in the other rows...

i do normally see "2 or more spaces" between the desired column contents.  does anyone know how to do this.
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Professor J

Use this formula first to replace multi space into single space =TRIM(SUBSTITUTE(A2,CHAR(32)," "))
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question JimJam

if i do that... the addresses with a different number of spaces will become muddied with the customer name...  
am i correct

example  see how the first line will have 4 spaces and then the customer name  while the 2nd will have 3 spaces and then the customer name

124 main st south      lamb, jason         124 main st south lamb,jason
100 elm st          smith, mary                  100 elm st smith, mary
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Open in Notepad or similar and do a find and replace for double space and replace with something unique eg pipe symbol ( shift plus key between z and shift). Then the ttc will work using the pipe as the delimiter.
+1  aikimark  very good approach with regex
Thanks, Prof.  A click on the Good Comment link will also be helpful.
:-)   just clicked on the "Good Comment"   it is worth 10 clicks, but i just can only click once ;-)
worked like a charm
thanks everyone
worked like a charm