how can I locate Facebook groups which have members that struggle with essays and academic papers?

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Hello and Good Evening Everyone,

          I am wondering how I can locate groups on Facebook who are struggling with essays and academic papers.

          Thank you

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I'm not sure that is possible. Unless the group is entitled 'trouble with academic papers' how are you expecting to find it?

Groups may be set up by classes of students or their lecturer and be named possibly after the college and year group, but these could continue as friendship groups long after graduation.

Perhaps you could contact schools/colleges/universities and ask them to forward you details of such groups.

You could start your own group offering assistance with papers and invite people to join by contacting those educational establishments.



          Thank you for your shared suggestions and advise.  After reading your reply, I have to agree with you.  Perhaps I simply need to consider creating a group of my own on Facebook and send out invitations to join.

           Thanks again.


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