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how to Repair Windows XP

For some reason, when I try to open XP I get a small screen
that says:  The system is not fully installed.  Please run setup
again.  I was hoping I could repair using Recovery Consul,
rather than in starting over again, even with a quick install.
The problem is that a password is required.  I recently reinstalled
XP, and don’t recall assigning a password.
Windows XP

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8/22/2022 - Mon
Edward Pamias

If you need to clear the password, you can use the Ultimate Boot CD, it does come with a utility to clear it or change it. As for the repair, you should boot off the XP CD and run the repair option. I hope this helps.
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Have you tried leaving the password blank?
Alan Henderson

Your help has saved me hundreds of hours of internet surfing.

Epemias – There is no repair option when booting
From the disk - only from the Recovery console.

MASO – Yes – I left it blank when I installed the OS.
That doesn’t help when I’m asked for the password.

Alan – can’t get to run to use file checker unless I start XP.
Alan Henderson


Alan - can't get to any mode - am told to run setup again
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So at this point
Recovery Console launchesHitting 'Enter' without putting in a password gets an error or "Access Denied"?

Which installation media are you using?  If it's from a PC manufacturer which brand?
Which version of XP & which Service Pack?

i agree with Masq : more info is needed on what you are using and doing

To repair the OS, I am using the same XP Professional sp3 CD that
I originally used to install the OS.

Hitting ‘enter’ without password brings you back to the command
line again.  After 3 tries with or without a wrong password, you
have to start over.

So, I gave up on repairing using recovery consul, “bit the bullet,”
and decided to run setup again as I was told. (read question again)
The two choices are recovery consul or install XP.  After choosing
to install XP, I saw an option to repair.  No password was required,
repairs are completed, and everything now works.  I’m surprised
you experts didn’t advise me of this.
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William Peck

well i was not sure of what you were doing
btw it's not a repair consul - but repair console
if you had said that from the start i could have helped you directly

anyway - i'm glad it's resolved
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Thanks for your efforts.  I’m awarding points for trying to answer a question
 that may not have been worded correctly.  But then, if I knew enough to be
more precise, I probably would not have had the problem in the first place.