What is size of MIT, UC artificial intelligence?

I can't get numbers on their sites, other than syllabus,
but might anyone give me an idea of the size of MIT and UC Berkley Artificial Intelligence programs - Masters, PHD's, undergraduates?
What is the premier AI institute? Is it in the USA? Gaming AI? NLP? Stock Market analysis?

Is Java the most often used language when it comes to AI research?

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dpearsonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Top schools for AI are a lot like the top school for Computer Science in general - hardly a surprise there.
So you're talking about CMU, MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, Cambridge (in the UK) are all in the top tier (very hard to separate).

No idea about the number of students - but I'd expect the private colleges to have smaller enrollments.

As for language for AI - that depends on the problem you're solving.  Java is certainly a good choice for lots of AI problems.  C++ and Lisp would also be in the mix.

For research it's more about the approach and less about the choice of language for implementing it.

beavoidAuthor Commented:
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