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HuaMin Chen
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I get error like

It should be updateable query

due to this

UPDATE [DTP Cost] SET [DTP Cost].[AE_503-101] = (SELECT Sum([DTP Expenditure].[503-101-Study-Grant]) FROM [DTP Expenditure])
WHERE [DTP Cost].[Course Code]='PDT020150004I';

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within Access. Why?
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Dave BaldwinFixer of Problems
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The only time I have seen that error is when the database file is read only.  Enable write permissions.
Can you prepare sample DB?
I don't see link between your tables. In your query all data from table [DTP Expenditure] are sumed.
Your problem is in nested query. Access doesn't allow to use in update query subqueries with posiible not unique results. In this case you can use dsum:
UPDATE [DTP Cost] SET [DTP Cost].[AE_503-101] = DSum("[503-101-Study-Grant]","[DTP Expenditure]") WHERE ((([DTP Cost].[Course Code])='PDT020150004I'));

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