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How to select data based on lowest value in a column

The value in the column can be from 1 to 100. I need to select the lowest value.
For example, in table named student contacts there is a column 'primary_contact_priority' which assigns a number value to a student
guardian. This could be a parent, grandparent or otherwise. For some students the value  'primary_contact_priority' may not have a '1'
value but may start at any higher number.
In the table student contacts the column 'contact_person_id' is the guardian assigned id and the 'student_person_id' is the student id.
I've attached the sql code. I need to implement code as needed to select minimum as described above.
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slightwv (䄆 Netminder)

Use row_number() in an inline view then only select where rn=1.

I might have the partition by column wrong and cannot test this but you get the idea:
select school_code, parent_name,primary_contact_priority,contact_person_id,
from (
select Schools.school_code,pers.preferred_name_upper parent_name,student_contacts.primary_contact_priority,student_contacts.contact_person_id,
      person_telecom.email_account email,
      students.preferred_name_upper student_name,
      row_number() over(partition by students.person_id, order by primary_contact_priority asc) rn
FROM  persons pers
      Inner join student_contacts student_contacts
            on  student_contacts.contact_person_id = pers.person_id
      Inner join STUDENT_REGISTRATIONS student_registrations
            on STUDENT_REGISTRATIONS.person_id = student_contacts.student_person_id
      LEFT OUTER JOIN Persons students
            on  STUDENT_REGISTRATIONS.person_id = students.person_id
      LEFT OUTER JOIN  person_telecom
            ON person_telecom.person_id = pers.person_id
      LEFT JOIN Schools schools
            on STUDENT_REGISTRATIONS.school_code = schools.school_code
    STUDENT_REGISTRATIONS.school_year = '20162017'
and person_telecom.email_account is not null
where rn=1
order by student_name

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Yes. This looks it will work. There is one glitch I need to figure out. In some cases the code is selecting
guardian with a value of 2 instead of 1. Not sure why but I'm troubleshooting now.
What is the data type of the guardian column?
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Number (2,0)

Here is sample data where it is selecting wrong guardian. It is selecting father.
select contact_person_id, primary_contact_priority,student_person_id, relationship_type_name from student_contacts
where student_person_id = '0001351028'.

contact_person_id , primary_contact_priority ,student_person_id, relationship_type_name
0001351030                  2                                                0001351028                 Father
0001351032                 1                                                0001351028                 Mother
Post the resuts of:

select contact_person_id, primary_contact_priority,student_person_id, relationship_type_name,
   row_number() over(order by primary_contact_priority asc) rn
from student_contacts
where student_person_id = '0001351028'.
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0001351032      1      0001351028      Mother      1
0001351030      2      0001351028      Father      2
Well, the order works.  Not sure why it doesn't in the larger query.

Not sure why this would change things but try changing the partitionfrom:
row_number() over(partition by students.person_id, order by primary_contact_priority asc) rn

row_number() over(partition by student_contacts.contact_person_id, order by primary_contact_priority asc) rn
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No that didn't work.
It seems to only return correct results when the lowest value of contact_person_id
has the lowest primary_contact_priority.
Is there a way to just use primary_contact_priority to partition ?
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slightwv (䄆 Netminder)

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That is true about new contact. It is just an algorithm.
It is difficult to provide test data as data is very sensitive.
I can probably work with code to get it working.

Thank you for your timely feedback.
I appreciate greatly.
>>It is difficult to provide test data as data is very sensitive.

It doesn't have to be real data.

Just create a test case that is close to your actual tables and data that shows the order being off.
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Ok. Give me just awhile to get data in xls and send