Dual Email Domains on 2013 Exchange - need setup assistance.


Here is our current configuration,
1 2013 exchange server
2 domains

1 domain which was the original domain setup in exchange can send and receive email

The second domain which was added to the following settings can not send or received. An MX lookup shows the domain is pointed to the right IP


Domain Added to accepted domain ( New domain set  as default )
default policy edited with new domain ( @domain.com added to default policy)
users email account profile shows both domains

Any ideas, this is a first for us.
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Bill HerdeOwnerCommented:
First, check your receive connectors.  You should be accepting connections from everyone, unless you use an external spam-filter/antivirus service, in which case you should be accepting connections only from the service. If using such a service, (recommended) it needs to be accepting mail for the domain.

Regarding your MX records, they should be the same as the previous domain. (which still works)  The domain names do not need to be reflected in the name of the server handling the mail, the server just needs to accept and work with the mail.
raptorITAuthor Commented:
Hi there,

Thank you..correct the ip is but since its different domain of course the host name is different.
for example :

same public IP of course but
mx mail.domain1.com

not working

We do not use a spam filter right now, i checked the default hub transport and its set to allow
Bill HerdeOwnerCommented:
Set the mx record for domain2 to send the mail to mail.domain1.com.  Again, the name of the mailserver does not need to contain any reference to the domain it is servicing.  It just has to accept the mail and deal with it internally.  All the mx record does is tell the world a working address that will accept mail for a given domain.

I am running two sites with multiple domains on the same server.  All domains added later use the same mx records set up for the original domain.  

BTW, use of an external spam service like spam-filter.com or symantec.cloud helps keep your server workload down and keeping it's reputation clean by getting it out of sight of spammers who will start using your server for backscatter spamming as soon as they learn about it.

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raptorITAuthor Commented:
thank you sir looks to be working now!
raptorITAuthor Commented:
I guess I was trying to understand the logic of why the other way didn't work if I had a local DNS server with a DNS entry for mail.company2.com and on the Name servers had the mx record pointed to the same IP as company1.com
Bill HerdeOwnerCommented:
Most likely you were having issues with something like reverse dns lookup not matching.  Many sites now use this as a base authentication to ensure the mail is going to the correct place. A helpful tool for checking is mxtoolbox.com.
If you are going to keep your mail server exposed you may want to look into getting a certificate for it and enable TLS encryption.  I suspect more and more sites will soon be rejecting connections that are not encrypted.  I have several clients that make it part of the contract if you want to do business with them.
Glad it is working.
raptorITAuthor Commented:
yes correct we will defiantly use a 3rd party thank you for your help
Bill HerdeOwnerCommented:
Don't forget to accept answer and close the thread!
raptorITAuthor Commented:
works great!
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