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SQL Server Hanging - 2012 Enterprise Edition

The server does not allow me to access it via RDP, or via the VMware console.  The windows Welcome screen displays.  Our monitoring threshold does not reveal/indicate any issue with RAM, CPU, etc., but our support team states that they've seen an SSIS package pegging the CPU at 100%.  Is there a perfmon or any other utility native to Windows that we can use for troubleshooting/isolating this issue?  Right now it feels as if we are searching for a needle in a hay stack.
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Check the performance of VM via VMware Performance report.
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Looks like the issue has been isolated to SSIS - the ISServerExec.exe is spiking the CPU and memory over 99%.  I would like to add more memory, but don't think that will resolve it.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  I'm thinking a DMV query to isolate the issue further.  Any thoughts?
I have give you already some thoughts but you  seem to ignore them. :)

The sp_whoisactive procedure already incorporates any DMVs and queries in the system tables to help you find the problem.