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MySQL Query Syntax

Hoping you can give me the query syntax to exclude all volunteers already signed up for ProjID=2.
I need to send reminder email but don’t want to send to those already signed up.
The query below worked when only 1 Project. I was thinking of replacing the tVolProjInt table with a query that only includes current Proj.

SELECT tVol.ID, tVol.title, tVol.fname, tVol.sname, tVol.gender, tVol.salutation, tVol.maidenName, tVol.signUpDate, tVol.shul, tVol.occupation, tVol.empID,, tVol.address1, tVol.address2, tVol.suburb, tVol.cellNo, tVol.tellNo_H, tVol.tellNo_W FROM tVol LEFT JOIN tVolProjInt ON tVol.ID = tVolProjInt.volID WHERE tVolProjInt.volID IS NULL;

tVolProInt has only some of the records contained in tVol.
Hope given enough info
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Arana (G.P.)

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