Issues with Hosted 3CX

We recently moved to a hosted 3cx phone system.   Ever since we moved to the new system we have had problems with the phones.   Dropped calls, incoming calls not ringing, no audio on one end, no dial tone, etc.  

The provider has worked to resolve the issue.   First they discovered that we were maxing out our bandwidth so we increased it.   After we still had issues they decided it was our routers/switches and they replaced and configured all switches, routers and firewalls with their preferred vendor.   We still had problems so they blamed it on the DHCP server and assigned static IPs to all the phones.  When that didn't resolve the issues they blamed the DNS server and changed the DNS server from the internal DNS server to Google which did not help either.    

Has anyone else had similar issues?   Are there any suggestions?
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Putting your Phone system in the cloud is some what smoke, magic and mirrors.  

For one thing, what does the call load look like, if most of your calls are internal (ext to ext) then this can add a load to the connectivity that you were not expecting.  Second you should look at a VoIP bandwidth calculator there is a good one on Voip info.  

Lastly, the Voip load is only a pat of what's on your network and as business demands change so might the performance of VoIP.   I would start by looking at VLANS,  getting a VPN between you and the vendor and moving as much as possible to TCP from UDP. Be sure you have proper QOS on your LAN so that server access and application traffic is not crowding out your voice traffic.

Good Luck --

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