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Active directory bridgehead not updating for our site

We have had a Windows 2003 AD server which was acting as a PDC. Since then we have introduced 2012 AD boxes and the FSMO roles have been transferred to them. Currently 2003 box is on by all the AD DNS services are off so that no one can query it as a DC.

The problem I have is that when I run repadmin /bridgeheads command it shows the 2003 box has bridgehead for this site.

I have gone into sites and services and manually selected a bridgehead for the head-office. This setting has replicated to the other sites but if I run the repadmin command again, it still shows the 2003 box.

How can I fix this and will it cause issues if I ran dcpromo on the 2003 to demote it without changing the bridgehead for this site?

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