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Mac computer managment in a Windows Server environment

I am a IT manager or a small law firm (150 employees) and it is time for a computer refresh.  I have narrowed the hardware down to three categories.

1:Ultrabook users (very mobile and need the lightness) Dell Latitude 7370
2:Office to Conference Room laptop users (Need a laptop mostly in the office and does not travel much with it) Dell Latitude E5570
3:Desktop (the user will not be mobile at all) Dell OptiPlex 740

I proposed this to the management and the managing partner ask why can't we just all get Mac's.  
I tried to explain to him that majority of our software we have invested in only works on Windows and that managing Mac's would be a very difficult task vs. managing Windows machines in a Windows Active Directory Infrastructure.  He is hard set on this and does not want to listen to my recommendation.

So I am curious. Is there anyone of you out there that have introduced a mix environment and seamless success with management from Client to Server?

If so what products did you use and how hard was it to implement?
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