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Windows 10 "application not compatible"

I've finally decided to bite the bullet and upgrade a Win 7 laptop to Windows 10. However, when I click on the little icon that's been sitting in the system tray for months, the window opens and says I have one application (an older version of Paragon's backup software) that is not compatible with Windows 10.

That was no big deal; I uninstalled it, and then tried again -- but the application is still listed. So I ran the latest version of CCleaner and cleaned the machine, including the registry and tried again. The application is still listed. I've checked the control panel, and the app is no longer listed there. I've even downloaded the GetWindows10-sds_____________.exe app from Microsoft and tried that. But neither the "upgrade now" nor "download and upgrade later" buttons work; I get the window that says "starting download" -- but it doesn't.

Anyone have any ideas?
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8/22/2022 - Mon