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GoDaddy hosting problem

I have a website (VS 2010, ASP.NET, SQL db) that is hosted on a GoDaddy shared Windows server. The last few years it was running fine.  This year I am having a problem where after a number of page accesses the server stops serving. I can fix it by going into the dashboard and recycling the app pool.

I did not code from scratch. I had a friend code the first 'sub-site' and I copied that and tweaked it for the other functions I wanted.

Site is   I know the actual directory structure is not 'correct' but it has been working. And I never freeze the localhost on my Win 7 Pro machine when bouncing around the local site and repeatedly loading the various pages.


The Portal link on the various pages uses href="/IBMJunkmanPortal/default.aspx" to get back to the main menu.

I don't have much web server experience but it feels like memory is getting low.  I know in my old mainframe coding days if you did a GETMAIN for a hunk of memory you should do a FREEMAIN to give it back to the operating system.

I have talked to GoDaddy support and he saw it happen but he did not see any 'problems' reported by the server. Of course he said it is my code.

Ideas, suggestions?
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>GoDaddy shared Windows server?

Are they maintaining all the patching including hotfixes?
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No idea.  I would hope so.  Is there a specific patch you think is needed?
Well, I think I fixed it. Hopefully I am not speaking too soon.

In the IIS Management page I changed the Pipeline Mode from Classic to Integrated.

So far, no hangups.
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