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error running report

Hi am having this error when trying to run report non my builder
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You included the Crystal Reports topic, but is that CR?  If not, what report writer is it?

 What are you actually putting in that report field?  Is it a field from your data (so the contents will vary), or a literal string, or something else?

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It's Oracle report
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Helena Marková
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I'm not familiar with Oracle reports, so I can't offer much.  The elasticity property that Henka mentioned seemed worth a look, but if the report field should already be tall enough, then maybe you need to look at something else, like the values that are being put in that field, or the font size.  Just making some obvious guesses.  :-)

what must i  change Vertical Elasticity property of B_14. to what
To "Flexible" or something like it.
I chose exapand but now get I g this error
I would try Variable, I used it often in the past.
I am sorry I have no report builder now, so my answers are only tips
change Vertical Elasticity property of B_14.