I/O error accesing external hard drive

Miguel Quintana
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When I connect my external USB 3 hard drive it makes a weir sound, at least 5 small signals and the it stops.

Is a Western Digital, power LED is working and operating system detects it in the admin manager as "WD Elements 10A8 USB Device", but no partition is shown

I try to initialize the HDD by the Disk Manager and it shows that there is and I/O error

Is anything I can try before sending the hard drive to a specialized laboratory to recover the data?

Thank you
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Get the disk's diagnostic utility, it should be downloadable from the WD site for your disk model, install the tool then use it to diagnose it. It will probably tell you the disk is bad, and if it still has warranty the error code you get should help you with the warranty replacement or to RMA it.
Mack JohnData Scientist

Use S.M.A.R.T technique to monitor the hard disk. And resolved the recommended error by yourself.
You can use TestDisk free utility as well. But before this is you can take backup then do it first. Otherwise, you no need to go for data recovery specialist. There are many data recovery software which can recover. Your entire data, I used a data recovery software which you can also use.

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