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How to get website up when registar is different from hosting company

Domain is ramhcg.com
Registart is 1and1
Website hosting company is WIX
When I log into 1and1 and look at what's been done already by someone else I see ...

HTTP redirect: http://www.ramhcg.com
Renews in 7 months (12/03/2016)
Manage Subdomains
Create Subdomain
Domain Details
Destination: HTTP redirect
Target: http://www.ramhcg.com
Type: Additional domain
Status: Active
DNS Settings
NS-0 ns15.wixdns.net
NS-1 ns14.wixdns.net

I can't figure out what I need to do to get there site up.  Should I transfer the domain?  Can't it just point to WIX.  It looks like it is.  I get confused in this area.  Thanks for your help.
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8/22/2022 - Mon

In general:
The hosting company will provide to you the IP address of the website they are hosting for you

You take that information, and update the DNS for your domain - update the . and www record with that IP address.  (Your DNS host will have a way for you to update and create your DNS records)  In many (but not necessarily all) cases, your registrar also hosts your DNS.  

So just go to the DNS management part of your registrar's website, and modify/create the appropriate records ( . and www)
David Johnson, CD

your dns is pointing to wixdns.net so it is managed by wix.

There is a confusing aspect to the data you show. The 1and1 information states that it is providing an "HTTP redirect", which is a different beast than having a DNS record pointing to your domain, even though it does appear that you have a DNS record pointing to WIX and not managed by 1and1.

When I try to access http://ramhcg.com I get a 301 redirect to http://www.ramhcg.com (presumably this is WIX, but it is a very general response, not particularly tied to your domain name). This response could be called an "HTTP redirect".

When I tried it, accessing www.ramhcg.com timed out on IP address This IP address is given by a googledomains nameserver as non-authoritative while the WIX nameservers registered at 1and1 fail to respond.

When I go to WIX, in particular the page
Connecting a Domain to the Wix Name Servers [wix.com]
I can see that they've become very coy about handing out the information needed to help you. The actual nameserver names are hidden unless you sign in.

There is prominent text on every WIX support page saying that you need to upgrade to a "Premium Plan" before any of this stuff will work for you. I'm guessing this is a fairly recent change and if you haven't done this, that might be sufficient explanation for why you're having trouble.

Bottom line: you need to contact WIX support to resolve your issue.
This is the best money I have ever spent. I cannot not tell you how many times these folks have saved my bacon. I learn so much from the contributors.
David Johnson, CD

your site www.ramhcg.com is not hosted at that googledomains address
Domains on
Domain      Tools

I still can't figure it out.  But, if I go to rmanzani.wix.com/ramhcg the site comes up.
So do I have to make some changes at 1and1 maybe?
Looking at 1and1 website while logged in I'm confused about the redirect settings.  Should I be using http redirect or frame redirect.  I just found these settings but what i thought is odd is that in the step by step directions for setting this all up, no where does it mention these settings.  It only gives steps for change dns name servers.  After realizing that the site comes up at rmanzani.wix.com/ramhcg I tried changing the redirect destination within 1and1 to http://rmanzani.wix.com/ramhcg.  This setting is in addition to having entered Wix.com name servers in at 1and1.  
My head is spinning.  :-(
David Johnson, CD

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David Johnson, CD

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I think I got it but now I'm not even sure how, UGH.

I think it did have to do with the cname.  I found a tab buried somewhere on Wix.com website while logged in.  It was a tab to trouble shoot a domain that isn't coming up.  It checked and gave me all the settings associated with it but said that the CNAME was not correct.  It told me to change it to www.159.wixdns.net.  About 10 minutes later it started working.  
I also deleted some strange settings on 1and1 website but that was about an hour earlier so I'm guessing the CNAME change is what really fixed it.  
Thank You!!!