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I'm reading conflicting info on what MS plans to do in the Mobile world. From my understanding, Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile are somewhat different operating systems, which seems to conflict with their concept of Universal Windows Applications - is UWP supposed to be even ready yet?

Then you have concepts such as Continuum in the mix, which is leaving me really confused :)

Context - we're primarily a Blackberry house at the moment and looking at moving off. We'll have BYOD and some small numbers of corporate owned devices. I want to know;

i. Is it really worth supporting Windows 10 Mobile on BYOD, the numbers seem small
ii. For our corporate owned devices, we're looking at Apple, but is MS even a contender?
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I use Windows 10. For true mobile (in my pocket mobile) and not tablet, I use Apple. I have an iPhone 4s (2 of them) and I will soon replace them with iPhone S's (iPhone 6s in an iPhone 5 case). Apple continues to own this particular niche. There may come a time when evolution favours a Windows phone but I do not yet see that.
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Microsoft is very ambitious and it is their strategy for pushing UWP to the apps developers that it is easy to use UWP for the whole Microsoft family of devices, ranging from Windows 10, Windows 10 mobile, Xbox....

From my opinion, Blackberry will not exit within a decade as there is literally, not much apps for its devices.

In the real world, the OS of computing devices on new worldwide shipments are dominated by Android with a market share of 53% while iSO, OSX, and Windows are still the first and second runner ups.

Of course, no one knows about the future and my prediction is that Windows will pick up fast if it could relies on its competitive edge in MS Office and Xbox. However, Microsoft needs to revise its terms and conditions on Advertising Conduct and Content policy as the apps developers relies on the incomes from ads on initial release of a new apps.

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