Office 365 - Outlook getting "Could not connect to public folder server" error

roy_batty used Ask the Experts™
I have a client who is using Office 365. Two of the users have access to a shared mailbox. They do not use public folders and none are set up.

One of the users has a "sync issues" sub-folder under the shared mailbox. It is full of messages saying that it could not sync to the public folder server.

What might be causing this error.
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Niel MaraisTechnical Operations Manager

Hi Roy,

Is the user on a domain? Can you check if the user's domain and/or Office 365 passwords are close to expiring?

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If you are not seeing any actual issues, you can pretty much ignore every message under the "Sync issues" folder. And have them switch to the Mail view (CTRL+1), so they don't bug you with future complaints about the folder :)


Great. thanks Vasil

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