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External Wordpress Site loads very slow

reredok asked
Hello Experts,

I've installed a test wordpress site (apache2, mysql ...) on my ARM Linux (Debian7). path is /etc/www/html/wordpress

In my router I forwarded port 80 to my linux ip.
Internal web access (internal ip and dyndns address) works fine and quick as accustomed.
external web access to apache root (/etc/www/html/index.html ) works also quick but external call of http://mydyndns.org/wordpress works very slow. I've tested external with ethernet, wlan, 4G, UMTS ... from different places to exclude firewall issues (Port 80???) - no difference.

htop gives no noticeable utilization equally inspection of apache2 logfiles.

What else I can do?

Many thanks in advance!
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IT Consultant
i found my mistake: WordPress-Adresse (URL) and Website-Adresse (URL) was internal ip ....