Email marketing service for internal marketing only

Looking for an email marketing service like MailChimp (design emails easily) that can be installed on our servers and used for internal marketing. The problem we have with MailChimp is our Microsoft Exchange distribution lists can not be received from an external mail server, as well many of our distribution lists require authentication/credentials to send to.

Does any solution exist for this?
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Vince GlissonConnect With a Mentor OwnerCommented:
Here are a few options that give you more of the tracking abilities that exclaimer does not.
Vince GlissonOwnerCommented:
We use the signature manager to brand all of our emails.

But you can create templates for any kind of marketing internal or otherwise save them and reuse them.
intoxicated_curveballAuthor Commented:
Hi Vince, we are looking at designing whole emails not just signatures. But the other two you provided are a great start so I will look at those. Thanks. If anyone else has other in-house email software I will keep this open for a few days.
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