iPHone6S How can I create an icon which, when clicked, will open browser and land on a particular web page?

brothertruffle880 used Ask the Experts™
I would like to create shortcuts on my iPhone screen which, when clicked, open a particular web page.
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Software Test Analyst I at Dassault Systemes
Open Safari browser.
Go to the particular web page.
Tap the share icon. (The box with an up arrow.)
Tap the Add to Home Screen.

Basically, this sets a 'shorcut' to your iPhone screen that will open to that web page you want to go directly to.

I checked Chrome browser and it appears Apple does not want other browsers to be able to do this because I see no option in Chrome browser to save a shorcut to a web page on the iPhone screen.


PERFECT.  Just what I needed and wanted Kyle.  Thanks.
Kyle SantosSoftware Test Analyst I at Dassault Systemes

You're welcome!

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