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Microsoft Surface 2 RT Touch Firmware Code 10

Scott Thompson

This is an item that I have had my employees working on that we are all stumped.  Customer brought in the Microsoft Surface 2 RT (Tegra 4 1.71GHz, 2GB, 32GB, Windows 8.1) tablet with a damaged screen.  We ordered a replacement LCD/Digitizer assembly and have installed it.  Note; touch did not work beforehand, but we assumed it was due to damage.

We do have a surface keyboard in the shop that we can use to have a mouse and keyboard for the surface.

The problem as stated in the title is that the TouchScreen does not work.  Code 10.  The Device Cannot Start.  Touch Firmware has a yellow exclamation mark next to it.

I have done all the Windows Updates, uninstalled and reinstalled the touch firmware (through Device Manager), and restarted/shutdown the tablet several times.  We have also taken the screen back apart and verified that the cable are hooked up.  Any suggestions?
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Check to see if ""System Firmware Update - 11/9/2015" was successfully installed in updates.
Scott ThompsonComputer Technician / Owner


Hello Davis,

10/7/15 driver is installed.  Version Touch Firmware.
Scott ThompsonComputer Technician / Owner


Ended up going to the Touch Firmware and rolling back the driver.  Restarted and the touch started to work!  I'm giving credit to Davis since it was his comment that led me to try rolling back the driver.