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How can I determine the bottleneck in a website's performance as a user

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Last Modified: 2016-06-27

I use online services like google docs quite heavily, and would use wix.com if I can get the performance to improve.

1. How can I tell if the performance I'm receiving is at or near the maximum attainable?
2. How can I identify a bottleneck if there is one?

eg I could try various combinations of different PCs and different internet connections, but is there any analytical way to find out?

I use windows 10, windows xp, ipad, and android devices, so can run diagnostics on any of these.

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This has helped me narrow down bottlenecks in the past,

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There is no definitive way to determine this.  Essentially, it's a process of elimination that requires debugging on multiple levels.

One easy level of debugging is resource load times.  Most browsers have a dev tool (F12) that shows load times for various aspects of a page.  Failures to load a resource should be fixed.  And you should be able to pinpoint any slowly responding resources.  A fix could be as easy as copying the resource locally to your web server in order to avoid network delay.

Another level of debugging is code efficiency.  You can track response time from functions by using breakpoints and running the code in debugger.  If you have a function that responds slowly, then inspect the function for loops, database calls, etc.  You may find the issue is with the code itself (a poorly executed or unnecessary loop, for example), or at the database level (which would require research into the query, indexes, etc in the database).

There are other aspects which could impact performance, but in my experience, these 3 levels (resource loads, code and database) are common problem areas.
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Thanks a lot, I'm looking into these.

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