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  i would like to know how to determine the location of an object pointed at by the camera on an ios and android,
My thinking is the location of the user/camera is determined by using the location services on the mobile device, utilize the compass and camera in the phone to determine the distance to object(building) in the center of the camera view?
utililize the distance and compass/angles to determine the lat/lon of the pointed at building. Reverse geo-code the coordinate to get the actual address.
Is this feasible? are there any API's provided by Android/IOS that would facilitate this?
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There is no feedback system on the camera to measure the distance. The nearest you can get to it is pointing at the base of the object and using the inclination of the camera with some basic trigonometry to calculate the distance. Distance and not being on level ground will render it useless. Others have discussed it before



Here is an app that claims it can do it (not tried it myself)

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Have a look of the question below.


After reading the above, you should know that the answer is NO by just relying on a single photo.

You need special software and multiple photos of the same object to do the task.


I am not looking at taking a picture to do this, I just want to utilize the camera lens, along with the compass and maybe the DPI?
I already ran across the links above but I still feel something is missing.
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You need ultrasonic emitter and sensor to calculate the distance in between the camera and the object to determine the distance.

Normally, the distance can be measured using the method in land surveying and two persons are needed to do the task.

As far as I know, no smartphone on market have the above capability.

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