Is there a place I can request to have my cell phone number removed from a national call list?

Kyle Santos
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I have requested to have my cell phone number removed on a website before and the random sales phone calls ceased.  What is this website where I can have my phone number removed so I don't receive telemarketing calls anymore?

I am located in USA.
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In the USA .. I think its this agency Federal Trade Commission ( and here is the specific Do Not Call registration -
You can register at the DoNotCall list from the FTC (   But, it doesn't work.

Marketing companies really don't care about rules and regulations.  They make their money, and the FTC and local law enforcement don't do anything unless it's a huge case that can get headlines and/or fines.  Even the FBI doesn't respond to active attacks on phone systems by "marketers" and their hackers.

Add to that, unethical people sign up for a paycheck as "independent contractors" and use burner cell phones to make cold calls.  They make commissions, and could really care less if they are bothering anyone.

The professional outfits run their call centers from Canada, then claim ignorance of any problems.

NoMoreRobo (  has a service which can be accessed by routing calls through them.  Basically, a SIP server sends all calls and information to their service.  The service filters against a dynamic list of call centers and known marketers.  They may also use a custom list provided by the customer.  The algorithms determine whether they forward the call to the end user or drop it.

Problem is, none of the phone companies and cable operators want to use them.  Few phone services allow calls to be handled this way.  The big guys like AT&T, Verizon, etc make money from completing calls on land and via mobile.  The little telcos also make money for switching or completing calls.  It goes against their revenue stream.

Currently, there is no reliable way to stop annoying phone calls, except to turn your phone off.  Most of the amateur cold-callers who spam my call phone do not leave messages.
Wayne HerbertIT Specialist

You can record your phone number as above... and in state databases as well... but it's about as useful as pushing the "Walk" button at a stoplight and waiting for the light to change.
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Some of those are actually connected to a controller!
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Alternatively,  you can contact your state's public service commission or consumer protection office to see if your state has such a list, and to find out how to register your number or numbers. For contact information for your state public service commission, go to

If you have Verizon we can block 5 numbers and that must be renewed every 6 months. Other carriers should also have a blocking feature.
We used to have texting and had to disable it due to spamming text from telemarketers, etc.
Maybe blocking will work for you. Keep a list of the numbers for a while and block the ones that call the most often.
Do not call list do not work real well.

There is a method that could help if you are willing to answer the calls. They can be sued by you for 700-800 dollars I think the amount was a few years ago. The first time ABC company calls you tell them not to call back and add you to their no call list. Also tell them the call is being recorded. The next time they call is strike #2. Tell them you already asked them not to call back. Turn the tables on them by asking to speak to their "supervisor." You get evidence that they have called 3 times after you told them to add you to their no call list on the first call, then you can warn them of a law suit. It has worked for us a few times. Especially asking to speak to their supervisor. They do not want that and often hang up and never call back if they think they are being recorded and their calls documented by date and time, etc.

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I just don't answer unless my caller ID is someone I recognize.  I let it go to voice mail.  Usually, the bad calls don't leave messages.  I then save those bad numbers in my contacts list with names like "Spam I N Charity".  If a certain call gets to be to frequent, then I put it on my block list (my phone carrier allows ten blocks).

I have two cell phones.  My wireless home phone listed in the phone book so someone who knows my name can look up my number.  I have a second cell phone that I only give out the number to people I want to hear from.  Almost all of  my bad calls go to my home phone which I never answer and screen all calls.  My cell phone shows caller ID and I choose to answer or not.

There are robo machines I think that try every number in an exchange (about 10,000 numbers) just to see if it rings or is out of service and then makes lists of active numbers for spammers to call.

The important thing is to take control of who you talk with, you don't have to be a slave to your phone and jump on every single call.
As noted, you can register your number and most/many responsible telemarketers (however few there might be) will honor it. The problem has become at least two-fold -- irresponsibility of many/most telemarketers (e.g., 'scammers') and VoIP technologies.

It's now common for me to see caller "phone" numbers that are impossible, e.g., 000.000.0000. Manipulation of phone ID has eliminated just about everything that you can do to report meaningful info about violators. It's almost pointless unless the responsible agencies can receive the calls themselves, and even then there's usually little/nothing that they can do. Calls can originate from any compromised PC anywhere in the world.

So by all means register as a DoNotCall number. Just expect that it will only filter out (most) responsible telemarketing calls.
Kyle SantosSoftware Test Analyst I at Dassault Systemes


Thanks for the feedback!

I typically let it go to voicemail if I don't know the number, but its good to have this information on hand if someone else needs help!

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