surface pro 3 will not boot.

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My Microsoft surface pro 3 will not boot. I have held buttons, pressed buttons, pressed combinations of buttons. Waited for minutes with buttons pressed. repressed buttons. Nothing.
It worked fine just last week.
Just last week I liked it.

Can it be resurrected?
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See if your surface would charge (plug the adapter into it and see if it lights up)

Also try following these steps:
Did all that. nothing worked. Had almost everything I wanted in the cloud, needed some stuff from my desktop. Had left unit in car over weekend, had very hot weather, windows up, wondered if that caused an issue. Anyway, cruised the web. I bagged it, sucked out the air, sealed it and put it in the freezer for 2 hours. Took it out, hit the power button and the thermometer showed (too cold it said). That was the first sign of life in 24 hours. waited a bit, hit the power button a few times, the damn thing came on. Got all my stuff off.
NOTICED THAT THE DATE TIME WAS INCORRECT. Turned it off. 6 hours later tried to turn it on. Nothing.
Back in the freezer. 2 hours later it started again. This time the date was corrected. And it is powering up currently without the freezer.  It is almost impossible for me to believe that that worked.  Anyway, i don't trust it now because it has to work in the field.  Want a new one. Didn't cancel my call to my IT people.......
Check the cmos battery, probably flat hense the time and date is wrong.
Heat may have drained it
I wouldn't recommend freezing it's a dangerous suggestion as moisture condensation can build up inside once the hardware is cold causing all kinds of problems.
Wrapping only protects from external wet but once cold and removed from freezer the warmth will create condensation inside.
Buy a new CMOS battery pretty cheap fix as wrong date and time will prevent boot as bios is dead.
How to.
Quote ( with pressing the right buttons) and I have tested this to work.
Plug in the power, unplug the Type Cover,  ( battery) and press and hold both the Power button and the Volume Up button for 12 seconds or 20 secs.
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