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Im using LibreOffice Calc.

I have two separate column of number sets.  I want to compare the two and come up with a 3rd column set of numbers from column A that don't have any of the sets of numbers in column B.

This is the answer i rec'd from one member of Experts Exchange.

In C1 type in formula: =IF(ISERROR(MATCH(A1;$B$1:$B$1000000;0))=1;A1;"") and copy formula down from C1 to wherever the last entry is in the B column so (C1-C31 for example).

The formula displays in column C the values that are in the list A and do not exists in list B.

But I cant seem to make it work.  Is it possible for you you to show me via a video tutorial or walk me through it so i know what i am doing?

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Have a look at the attached spreadsheet. Your formula seems to work.
once you paste the formula into the first row press enter

select that cell and click CTRL-C to copy the formula

now select all the cells below that one

click on CTRL-V to paste the formula into the other cells

That's all!


I need more detailed help.
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Does the spreadsheet I attached work with your version of Calc?
I am trying to get an understanding of where the problem is.


yours is read only so i cant work with it


can we go live and you show me
did you try the steps I have shown above?


yes but being a beginner i just am not getting it... i really need someone to create this for me or show me


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