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viki2000 used Ask the Experts™
I need your help to identify the song below:

It sounds so familiar from Youtube, but I cannot remember it.
It may be soundtrack or instrumnetal.
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I tried to find the music you're looking for and I couldn't find it but I know something similar to this one.

for their licensing, you can visit their website at
They make bunch of trailer-like musics.
Wayne HerbertIT Specialist

Certainly nothing on SoundHound.  Will be interesting to see what comes up.
I already tried all the known apps on iPhone.
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I'm fairly certain it's being used in a TV ad in the UK, but I can't find it at the moment.
Like the expert with the very long user name above, there is something very familiar about this piece of music and I too believe it may have been used on UK TV.

When you listen to it for the first time you would be forgiven for immediately feeling that there was a strong similarity between it and The Verve's Bittersweet Symphony. There are strings (or at least instumentation that sounds like strings) playing staccato two-note arpeggios from a descending chord sequence, but that's where the similarity ends.  They are quite different in structure.

Of course, The Verve were accused of plagiarising the Andrew Oldham Orchestra's instrumental version of the Rolling Stones song "The Last Time".  The Verve's song doesn't sound at all like the Rolling Stones song, but bears more than a coincidental likeness to the orchestrated instrumental rendition, hence the allegation.

I have a feeling that this music may have been played either through an advert for a sporting event (tennis, formula one, etc) or during an advert for all the forthcoming BBC or Sky movies.  I will try to find out.

Where did you get this from viki?
Yes, now comes the interesting part.
Listen here between 0:47-1:15:
But I am 100% sure is copied from somewhere, because I heard that audio sequence before and I cannot remember from where.
I want to know from where, what is the original source.
Adi Gliga seems to be the key contact at New Vision Romania, which is a company that produces professional video and music obviously designed for use in movie or TV trailers, promos, etc.  The YouTube link is for the song "Soarele Va Rasari" ("The Sun Will Rise" in Romanian).

The odd thing about this song is that the intro part that you have recorded and uploaded to SoundCloud (0:47-1:15 in the YouTube video) is completely out of context with the rest of the song.  The intro is very dramatic and much more powerful than the lacklustre and very generic remainder of the song, and it doesn't seem to share much in common with the structure.  Movie soundtracks usually share a melody or chord structure that persists through all the music and is recogniseable even when it goes into quiet passages or loud passages.  The structure of this particular intro is only very subliminal in the rest of the song right through to the outro (4:40) where it becomes prominent again.  This makes it sound almost like two entirely different pieces of music stuck together.

If you listen to the intro to another video of his entitled "Filmari Profesionale" ( you might think you are hearing the intro of "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor (  That kind of muted string rhythm is actually quite common, but the slap-back echo is what makes both sound similar.  You will no doubt recognise the song from the Rocky films (parody here for a laugh:

What you have to bear in mind is that Romania was a very closed-off socialist republic from 1944 until the 1989 revolution, and for a substantial number of those years it was ruled by an evil autocrat.  The people have only really been exposed to "Western" music in the last 20 or so years, and like any country that has only recently emerged from an insular existence, the people are very influenced by what they first hear.  Being somewhere between Slavic and Ottoman, the traditional Romanian Balkan music uses different scales and sounds very "un-Western", so composing music for a wider audience is bound to involve the use of many style influences.  I think it is probably coincidental that the intro to the music on the video in question sounds like something we have probably heard before, or else has been derived from a subliminal influence.  In fact, the more I listen to the intro in context with the entire song, the more I hear this type of structure:
Hi Bill,
Most of the links that you provided are seen in Germany like this:
eyesEven if I use Tor Browser to change my IP I cannot see some of them, saying that is a private video, not available in my country.
But I know very well the songs.
I know Adi Gliga too, I have seen him live.
He has a very interesting story, very dramatic, a homeless child of the streets without parents. One time, one man gave him a coffee and spoke with him and gave him attention and his life changed.
He became a new born christian and since then he was also very prolific with hundreds of songs, later also short films.
All the songs and all the short movies are about God and his life as christian, morality and ethics, how to help others.
I know many details and I am Romanian too. I grew up under communism and I know everything related with it.
Indeed, the beginning is not his style and seems like 2 pieces of music put together, that have nothing to do one with the other. That's why I wanted to know from he was inspired.
I am pretty sure I have heard that small intro piece somewhere else on YouTube.

Still, my initial question is not answered.
That's a pity about the videos not playing in Germany.

I have had very little exposure to Romanian music, either pop or traditional, so you will be the best judge of whether there are any elements in the intro that sound even slightly Romanian.

I have played with the sound snippet that you posted on SoundCloud a bit.  I have speeded up the tempo, raised the pitch, and so on, but the closest I can find to any piece of music in terms of general similarity is Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve.

In the last paragraph of my previous comment I mentioned that the more I listen to the intro in context with the entire song, the more I hear this type of structure ....  You won't be able to listen to the video.  It was a compilation of modern Balkan "House Music".  The repetitive nature of the bass lines reminds me of the intro a little bit, and the House music in question sounds quite different from that which we would hear in the UK and many other parts of Europe.  It has a Turkish sound to me.

Sorry, I can't help more with the origin of the intro that has caught your attention.
Someone else over internet suggested a Russian advertising for building a Russian bridge and had next audio. Starting with 0:47 the sequence is similar, but I still believe is not the original source:
Im just watching a program called 'the rise of the contents' presented by Ian Stewart.
There is a piece of music about 20 minutes in that has this tune. It isn't the same version, but it reminded me of this.
Thank you for your help.
I could not find, neither remember the original song/source.
If I find it, then I will post it here.
Because we could not find it is only grade B answers.
Thank you viki.  I hope you do find the piece of music.
Apologies for my phone''s typo in my previous comment. It should be 'The rise of the Continents', a geographical documentary.
Aaaah!  Yes, it now dawns on me that I am familiar with Professor Iain (note, two "i"s) Stewart from having watched quite a few of his documentaries.

"Geology and music do not normally go hand in hand, but this was the job of composer Niraj Chag when he set out to pen the score for the Rise of the Continents."

"Chag’s music has a strong global influence which was ideal for a series covering every continent on the planet. By mixing eastern and western styles, and fusing Indian classical styles with more contemporary music, he created complex and layered beats."

In one of the two video clips avaialble to view on the BBC website I can hear something similar in form to the music extract posted by viki, but it isn't the same.
Example: (Starts at 00:47)

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