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Greetings I created a custom layout in panels so that I can have cleaner html

I added a layouts folder in my theme folder, and have stripped the .tpl file to just the following

<div class="col-lg-2">
<?php print $content['left']; ?>
<div class="col-lg-9">
<?php print $content['right']; ?>

Is there a way to find out what sections/ fields make up the $content['right']  before it actually renders like an array or something? print_r does the same thing as print...I would like to stripout all of the panels html completely and only show my own. Let me know thanks
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At the moment the template is running the print command, the rendering has already been done.  The $content variable holds the final HTML generated by that rendering.  

To find the source object responsible for creating that HTML, you'll need to delve into Drupal's render() code.  This could be a pretty long search, since render() fires for just about everything in Drupal.  You may be able to short-cut your search a bit by following execution into the panels module itself.


Thank you sir!

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