Facebook marketing question

I am looking to promote a service which seeks to assist job seekers.
Can I send a message as "my business" and not "as me" on Facebook?
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Michael DyerSenior Systems Support AnalystCommented:
You simply have to set up a new facebook page for your business.  Here are all the specifics:


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frugalmuleAuthor Commented:
It doesn't look like you can message people go directly unless they are already friends of the business. If you wanted to invite them to like that business page, then you would have to do it as an individual. It looks like there's going to be some real challenges to figure out the best approach while remaining in the guidelines of Facebook. They sell marketing services so they want you to buy it from them.
Bernard S.CTOCommented:
- You can create and feed a business page.
- As pointed, your problem will be to attract visitors and to make them participate
- This will be possible only by having visitors discover your page AND find it worthwhile AND recommend it.

-- discover your page:
--- send an invitation to all your FB friends, with a smart comment ("I have created this that I hope you'll find interesting" rather than "look at this wonderful page")
--- do the same on twitter. again, don't oversell but explain briefly what is interesting. Tweet that once a day for one week, varying hour of publication to increase your audience coverage
--- in fact, same for all social networks you are working on (eg, Linked-In, Pinterest, Google+, etc)

Note: this costs no out-of-pocket money, just your time and brain!

- make it wothwhile: place good content that will interest your visitors and give them the feeling that they must share it with others...

- help them to share: be sure that on your FB page the "like" and "share" buttons are working.... but that might not be enough: be sure that your twitter and Gplus pages are smart and easy to find, c'cause these are easy to shar ewith other networks

One final note: do not make any paid advertising until you are sure that your content is good, ie worthwhile and "shareable". Once this is done, then you are sure that any cent you might consider investing in paid promotion will generate some result (if the ad works of course!)
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frugalmuleAuthor Commented:
How do I message someone "as the business" and not "as a person"?
Bernard S.CTOCommented:
If you connect to Facebook's home page, (first connect, then click on the F logo up left, you will see on your left a column which includes "PAGES", your page will presumably be below that.
then click on your page and you will be there

post your text here, and you're done.

Please do exactly these steps, they are rather obvious but a small difference might lead you somewhere else
frugalmuleAuthor Commented:
This is a placeholder.  I need to revisit this.
frugalmuleAuthor Commented:
Thank you for all of your research and information. I appreciate it very much.

Q1. "Can I send a message as "my business" and not "as me" on Facebook?"

I see how to post as "my business" on my own page but I do not see how to send a message as "my business" either to another group, or to an individual.  This is the question I am trying to get answered.
Bernard S.CTOCommented:
Sorry, I had not understood that what you mean by "message" is mail-like.
As pointed earlier, FB does not allow you to message people not in your circles...

So you must contact people in some other ways, pointing them to your business page.
frugalmuleAuthor Commented:
Yep, looks that way.
Bernard S.CTOCommented:
You have got answers to your question.
Please consider closing the question
Bernard S.CTOCommented:
Closed on behalf of the asker
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