Laravel Forge - What is it? (But in non-developer language:) )

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Hi guys,

I'm managing some of our developers and they've been talking about using Laravel Forge.  However, can someone explain to me what Laravel Forge is please? What does it do?

Thank you
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Forge is an incredible tool in the family of Laravel products that helps developers focus on developing

Forge takes care of things like:

    Creating and provisioning a new server
    Setting up SSH keys
    Creating domains and sub domains
    Deploying from GitHub
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Forge is a task-runner that automates much of the repetitive work associated with creating and deploying servers.  Similar ideas come from Bitnami Stacks (virtual machines) but it's my sense that Forge is more cutting edge and seamlessly integrated with modern systems.  

Laravel Forge says, "Provision, host, and deploy PHP applications on AWS, DigitalOcean, and Linode."  It offers one-touch deployment of pre-built servers - all the configuration and installation has been done by somebody else, so no time is wasted installing components.  One of the really neat features is that it can watch a branch in your repository and as soon as a code set is pushed, Forge will deploy it onto the servers.  Instant builds for testing and production!  It can also send deployment notifications to the team on Slack.


Thanks guys.

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