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What is the most popular java frameworks currently being used for agile web development (i.e spring, struts, servlets and in high-demand for career development?

Also, how long on average it would take to learn basics and start programming web pages in java.
I have used JSP once and thought the tag based language is fairly easy.

I have used it about 5 years ago but forgot it. I have been using oracle PL/SQL and SQL,
HTML, Javascipt, XML etc.
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these days Javascript has become a big player in web development. Most modern architectures i'v e worked on have a fully javascript web layer talking to the server via ReST.

Popular Javascript frameworks include AngularJS, aurelia, Knockout, React.


JavaScript is normally added to the HTML webpage to enhance user interface. AJAX which I am not sure is still popular uses mostly javascript.
However, there needs to be a programming language or framework to generate the HTML and that connects to database, This is where JAVA language or PHP come into play. I am not sure if PHP is still popular these days. I am trying to find a site that shows the hottest technologies used each year.
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JavaScript is normally added to the HTML webpage to enhance user interface
Old days we used to embed javascript into the HTML. We don't do this anymore these days. Better to have javascript files separate to html files.

AJAX which I am not sure is still popular uses mostly javascript.
Yes AJAX is still used these days. But as I said, since the advent of all the nice frameworks we have these days, there is no need to construct a ajax call anymore.

This is where JAVA language or PHP come into play.

not necessarily. I've worked on projects using full javascript in all layers of code including the server (NodeJS).
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oh and by the way :

I have used JSP once and thought the tag based language is fairly easy

JSP is dying. Like I said modern architectures are using plain HTML with a javascript framework
talking over ReST to the server.
My point is Javascript is used on the client machine only (browser) and not on server.
It is not used to connect to database, and write the system business logic which normally uses SQL and JAVA or other language.

I found this link that shows most popular frameworks which seems to be Spring and JSF.
I am not sure if it is accurate or not.

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JavaScript client only? Nope - look into NodeJS please. Like I said, I've worked on systems where NodeJS was the server.

Spring MVC and JSF? OK if you wanna go back in time 7-8 years ago!


You might have used it on a project but I doubt many people use JavaScript for server programming.
The link I provided is dated 2015. I think those java frameworks are still popular and being used on most java projects..

JAVA is a 1995 language. Does that mean it is old and not being used? I think it is still #1 programming language even though it is complicated somehow and developer friendly similar to JavaScript.

Can you show some statistics/links that support your claims?
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I base my choices of technology on experience and not website articles by the likes of zero turnaround.

I've worked with a whole raft of web frameworks so I can tell you where this area of tech is heading.

Anyway it's up to you what you follow.

All the best.


Do you do most of your web development using JavaScript frameworks now and REST?
Is this where the future web development heading and I should focus on instead of JAVA language and frameworks?

BTW, I did work with JavaScript scripting language and found the syntax difficult to work with sometimes. IT is not very user friendly. I don't know how you find working with it.
Top Expert 2015
I am a java developer and always have been.
However I've programmed in other languages like javascript, scala, python.

Typical model these days is to use javascript + standard html on the client side and talk to server (either a java server or nodeJs) via REST.

If you found the syntax difficult before, be prepared to find it even more difficult now. Javascript has matured a lot over the years and a lot of frameworks are out there. Understanding core javascript plays a important role - functions, objects, dynamic typing e.t.c

I would take a look at something like angularjs to get started.
Big MontyWeb Ninja at large
Angular 1 + 2 / React + Redux, and Node.js are the big frameworks that deal with javascript on both the client and server sides. If you want to learn the current "hot" frameworks, this is the way to go.

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