Drupal View From Content Type with a Filter Criteria That is a Field From a Different Content Type

mrroy69 used Ask the Experts™
Greetings. I've setup a view based on a Content type, lets say for example the view displays news items from the New content type. I've created another content type that contains two of the same taxonomy terms as the first content type so they can both be filtered contextually.

They second content type has a field called block_choice where the user can select from a dropdown, News, Events, or Sports

So in my view for news, I'm trying to join the filter with my second content type to also filter on where block_choice == News.

I'm not sure if this is possible. Would I need to add a relationship on the view to the second content type? How would I go about this...Or maybe there is a better solution. Thanks
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I have actually figured this out. Thanks

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