Server 20008 R2 Print Management

I have a VM server that has internet access but it is not on the domain.  I've downloaded many printer drivers and they are located in the administrators download folder.  When I attempt to install the drivers and click browse and go to the administrators download folder, it's empty.   I've even tried to save to the desktop and it doesn't show up.

How and the heck do I get these drivers installed and added to print management drivers.

Mary MacchioniAsked:
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Edward PamiasConnect With a Mentor Team Lead RRS DeskCommented:
When you browse type *.* on the line so it will show all files.
Mary MacchioniAuthor Commented:
I'll try that.  Thanks.
Mary MacchioniAuthor Commented:
Thank you so much.  I want to use IIS to allow users to use the intranet, find the printer and click to install.
I don't have any idea on how to do this.  I'll be posting the question soon.
Edward PamiasTeam Lead RRS DeskCommented:
An expert is always around to assist. :)
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