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resetting the master child links in the right place

access 2010  vba.

When i open a bound form,
I have a subform that i'm resetting the master child source to  ""

Forms!frmMainDataEntry![SapData subform].LinkMasterFields = ""
Forms!frmMainDataEntry![SapData subform].LinkChildFields = ""

I'm doing this to see the subform , initially on startup,  to see all the records in the subform.

What I need:
I have a textbox that I'm using to search into the subform.

I then need to reset the subform to the original settings when a person starts to type in the textbox:
I just dont know what property is the best to do this and when.

 Forms!COSTRECOVERY_MAINFORM![WR294_GRIDVIEW subform].LinkMasterFields = "Search_Term_Holder"
 Forms!COSTRECOVERY_MAINFORM![WR294_GRIDVIEW subform].LinkChildFields = "Customer Name"

i TRIED THE TEXTBOX before update event but i keep getting an error.
Microsoft Access

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