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Configuring Multiple Networks

We have two networks in one physical location.
Each of them has their own firewall, own cable modem (ISP), but they share a phone system.
There are two managed Netgear switches that we do not have access to.
What we'd like to do is create a 3rd network for testing.   There will be 1 Windows 2012 Svr R2, and 2 or 3 workstations.
Each of the other two networks has available Public Static IP's with one each being assigned to their respective firewalls.  
I know that I can't bring on an Active Directory Server in the same forest, but what if i make it, it's own forest?
Any suggestions on how to accomplish this would be helpful.
We could potentially install a 3rd firewall and have it route traffic out one of the two cable modem in the building.
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