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Routing question between wifi / firewall and switch

WiFi Controller has setup a Radius server behind Sonicwall.

Wifi client assigned with VLAN30 need to authenticated through Radius
For WiFi controller routing to network, it need to route through Fortigate and then to Sonicwall.

DHCP server on LAN will subnet will start DHCP negoitation with the wifi client,
through the trunk -> PoE Switch -> WiFi Controller -> Wifi client.

After DHCP negotiation, the PoE switch should have the MAC address Wifi client and the correct port (ie the port connecting to the controller) . Am I corect ?

When wifi client access any servers behind Sonicwall, it will go through
  wifi client -> Wifi Controller -> PoE Switch -> Fortigate -> PoE Switch Sonicwall, correct ?

How does server in network return to the Wifi client ( ? How does Sonicwall know that the client is behind the Controller ?

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