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Goldmine One-button Sync with Windows 10

I have Goldmine Premium Edition v 2014.1.0.489 running as a server on my Desktop PC and as a remote on my laptop.

I recently renewed both my Desktop PC and laptop so both are running Windows 10 and One-button Sync no longer works (it used to work well with Win 7 on the Desktop and Win 10 on the laptop).

The error message I get on the laptop is "Unable to establish connection. Timed out waiting for a response. System error 10060".

So, I presume there are security settings or firewall settings that need to be entered or amended on one or both machines (which use Windows Firewall).

So, at the moment I am forced to use the Sync Wizard and when I do, the laptop quite happily creates/retrieves transfer sets on/from the desktop.

Any suggestions?
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