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Car engine oil leak from car bottom, oil sump was half empty, xado or ceratec will help?

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Hi Experts,

My diesel car engine oil was leaking from bottom which I realized very late. I changed engine oil to shell semi synthetic. After that I asked mechanic to fix oil sump screw properly. I did not change oil filter as it was not available that time. Mechanic said you can always change later and will not be a problem.

After that I was noticing loss of power in all gear shifting. Prior to this oil change car was making sound, vibrations were more. This diesel Grande Punto has 60k miles on it. Engine oil is still leaking drop by drop, car servicing is already due, I am wondering if products like xado or ceratec will help? may be car engine is worned out a bit. This car is 3 year old and was bought brand new.
When car was new for 2 years I did proper servicing but on 3rd year I used shell full synthetic engine oil from outside during servicing.

The car engine never ceased even though oil sump was more than half empty.
I am also planning to change engine oil to Liqui Moly semi/full not decided yet which one.

I am trying to get suggestions before I go to service center.

Do you guys have any experience on below products?





Thanks in Advance!
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Oil type can affect bearing seals quality , so you need to find the leaks location and have that seal replaced or just live with the leak if it is not too bad.
If it is a leak from the oil drain plug then a replacement seal will solve your oil leak at the cost of the seal + labor + new oil.
You need to locate the place where oil is leaking to determine the cause which could be a bad gasket, bad bearing seal, or at worst a crack in the engine block or elsewhere.


Thanks Michael!

Before noticing this leak, last time during servicing I got drain plug (screw and circular surrounding if I am calling it correct) replaced. After that no oil leak noticed for 30 mins but later I forgot about it thinking all is well and oil leak started again after car was driven.

I think it is the same thing which could have gone bad because that is the place it is leaking again, it is drop by drop but not so fast, may be one drop every two minutes probably.

I will check about gasket this time.

What do you think about oil types 5w-40 is better or 10w-40?
FIAT recommends semi synthetic.

Apart from this, do you think running car with very low engine oil could have damaged internal parts (this happened only once on 3 year)?
At a guess your oil change service ruined the drain plug seal or thread???
Claim on faulty  service?

5w-40 is better but more expensive.
Quality Synthetic oils are better than standard oils.
In my experience Pennzoil was great...but I cannot endorse products by EE rules?

Link only for reference:
Depending on your use ( temperature ) you should use the better multi-grade oil.
"do you think running car with very low engine oil could have damaged internal parts"
yes, and not even maybe, excessive wear is caused by reduced oil flow.

Not relative, to m nly and first SAGE rated EE member in Automotive history,

Thus expect,expect a little
 trust and respeme to my suggested solutions...


I have checked the reference link and going to check availability of it.
Obviously that I trust members here so look for help in EE than anywhere else.

Thanks Michael!
Adding crap to the oil is very unlikely to make matters any better. You need to locate the leak and repair it. Additives are more likely to just cause more problems.

Low oil can certainly cause damage, but generally not unless you have severe starvation. If the oil pressure light or gauge has not been showing a lack of pressure for more than a second or so, then you should be OK.

60K miles is barely worn in for  diesel, under normal conditions it should be like new. It should be burning very little oil between changes.

You could try hitting the engine with degreaser, then, once it is clean, try to blow talcum powder to help locate the leak.


Hi Malmensa!

Talcum powder idea is super, I never thought about it. I will try.
When you say degreaser, what product is that exactly? There are multiple products in the market for Engine cleaner, fuel tank cleaner etc.. and I know little about cars.

Try the local car parts shop. There are two types of degreaser, petrochemical based and water based. Petrochemical works better. The stuff is pretty cheap. Probably one can will do, maybe two.

Go to a car wash that has a high pressure engine spray. With the car engine cooled down a bit (exhaust touchable without burning) spray degreaser over the areas covered in oil. Leave it sit a minute, then was it off with high pressure spray. (The place you go may have "engine wash" or similar, but that is usually pretty weak.)

This is the stuff I usually use; there is probably similar available where you are.



Okay, thanks!

I will look for this or similar product.
Any degreaser will certainly damage all rubber components.
Just find the oil leak after an engine wash with laundry detergent (off course its rubber and plastic safe as all washing machines use rubber and plastic hoses etc. )  
Then if needed use ordinary flour ( not blow talcum powder ) to help ... but after an engine wash jack up the vehicle and for safety use axle stands, then you should be able to locate the oil leak by eye with the engine running.

axle stands link:

Reputable garage service may be your fastest and cheapest option.?


Thanks Michael for answering the questions, I appreciate it.
My sincere apologies as I was late to reply to your comment.

Thanks moderator for splitting points.