AD SYSVOL Version Mismatch


Group policy isnt running successfully on my client laptops.

When running a "group policy result" on both DC's. I get the 6 errors all stating AD SYSVOL Version Mismatch

I had a look online and noticed a released update that should of fixed the issue which hasn't. KB2919394

Please assist
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This has been resolved - The Computers were not in the correct OU. After moving I am no longer facing this issue.
You need to install only below hotfix on DC servers
Technical InformationAuthor Commented:
Manesh I saw this hot-fix and noticed it was published in 2013, this has only been an issue within the last month. Shall I still run it?
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either way you can do it

Either install only this hotfix or install KB2919394 as per your original question.. hotfix is part of roll up
Technical InformationAuthor Commented:
Like I said I already installed KB2919394
You said that mismatch error found on DCs

How come client computers came in picture?

Your question and answer do not have any co-relation
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Self Resolved
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