Access Old McAfee Encrypted laptop

I have an old laptop that it encrypted with McAfee Encryption
This is my old company laptop
I have forgot the password on bootup
I contacted our IT helpdesk which is based in India
They say this version is no longer supported and they cant help me
is there any way I can access my data from this laptop?
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McKnifeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Those services would need to brute-force-crack their way in. Though possible, it will only be successful in a reasonable time when you used a dictionary word as password. If you haven't, forget it.
When your supporters cannot supply a key, nor a data backup and you cannot remember, then there is no way, sorry.
btanConnect With a Mentor Exec ConsultantCommented:
You can only get back from backup (non encrypted). No recovery password and not supported. No way to restore.
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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
That's pretty much the story.  However it does depend on who administers the Safeboot system for your network, just how old the version is and how long it has been physically disconnected from the administrating network.  If it is the guys in India then it sounds like you're out of luck.  Some versions of Safeboot can be upgraded remotely and then you can generate a challenge code if connected to the admin network either wirelessly or via Ethernet.  The Safeboot admin can then create a response code that will allow you to reset the password for that account.  Some versions will cache all the accounts that have successfully logged in other than by you so you may be able to access the data via another user.

Otherwise it's doing just what it's designed to do - prevent you accessing the drive contents unless you have the password.
dougdogAuthor Commented:
Are there no paid for services that could access this?
☠ MASQ ☠Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Are there no paid for services that could access this?
No - for the reasons above
Also remember you don't own the data, it's owned by the company.
btanExec ConsultantCommented:
Services cannot recover encrypted data in the disk though they can repair and do forensic work of the data are in plain.
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