Hi,  I upgraded a desktop PC to WIN 10.  Everything is working AOK except I have to restart the PC several times a day to regain my internet connection.  Any help is appreciated,   Clarke
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Thomas WheelerCommented:
have you checked for updated Network drivers? what type of computer is this?

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Anthony MinnocciSystem AnalystCommented:
Are you connecting through a wired connection?

I had an issue with with a newly built computer, where my wired connection would not to connect to anything above half duplex at 10mbps.

The remedy for my computer was to turn it off and leave it there for 30 mins. This solution was reached after doing multiple driver updates.
CLARKESRAuthor Commented:
Hi,  it is a custom built Cybertron.  When I have a connection the speed and response are fine.  Then, at random I lose the connection.  When I simply restart the PC it reconnects and the connection is fine for a random period of time.  Also, the problem is not limited to any one function.  For example, It can happen when I am using Edge, Firefox, Email and so on.
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Anthony MinnocciSystem AnalystCommented:
Similar thing happened to me. Try leaving it offline for a while to see if it naturally fixes itself.

Did you update your network drivers recently?

Was this a recent occurrence or has this been happened since it was built?

Are you connecting via ethernet cable or wifi?
CLARKESRAuthor Commented:
Hi,  It is a wired connection.  It only started after I updated to WIN 10.  As far as I can tell all drivers are up to date.
Anthony MinnocciSystem AnalystCommented:
In my scenario, I had the same issues and I powered down my computer fully, then I did not touch it until an hour later. I have not had any subsequent issues since. This was over 6 months ago.
CLARKESRAuthor Commented:
Hi,  Sounds like it could work.  However, I am an old guy so I still shut down the PC completely when I go to bed.  So, it is off for an extended period every day.
Robert RComputer Service TechnicianCommented:
I would check the model of network card in your computer and download the windows 10 version. You can also check the power settings, windows ten may have enable a power setting that causes the network card to turn off to conserve power.
do you get an error or message when it's off?
all ok in device manager?
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