Left & über?

I must be the stupidest person in the world.

I wanted to try Lyft or Uber instead of a cab.

I cannot find a way to make a reservation. Is the only way to call for a ride RIGHT NOW?

Seems crazy. Specifically Lyft. They want a credit card first thing, no interest in where I want to go, etc. so I give them money FIRST?

It just seems these things should be easier to use than this
Richard KortsAsked:
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John HurstConnect With a Mentor Business Consultant (Owner)Commented:
According to this Uber Help page, the ability to schedule a pickup exists for some cities (so apparently not all) and they do not list the cities.

The article basically suggests starting to call Uber about 15 minutes ahead of time.

Sean ScissorsProgram Analyst IICommented:
If you aren't already doing so I would suggest using your smart phone and downloading either or both Lyft and Uber apps. Within there you can create a profile. The credit card information is required because they don't accept cash. Once you have the information each app has a map that will show you the drivers around you and you can simply request one. You can get the estimate overall price if you input your destination and on top of that you get notified about how long it will be until the driver picks you up.

I personally prefer Lyft as it morally seems like a better company. Not to mention they never charge over 2x the amount during busy hours (I believe). Whereas Uber will go as much as 9.9x if they so please. I hope that helps.
Richard KortsAuthor Commented:
I have downloaded both Apps.

I tried to schedule UBER; they want to send a driver right now, in fact, they did & it took me some time to cancel.

I am TRYING to use it like a cab, I sensed it would be REALLY HARD, I don;t need to go till Sunday.

Probably take me that long to figure it out.

I'm just flabbergasted that it's SO HARD as they are so popular.
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Richard KortsAuthor Commented:
Let me try this another way.

I want to ride on Uber or Lyft from a location OTHER than where I live to another location.

NOT right this second, on Sunday.

As best I can see there is NO WAY to do that.

Is that correct?

Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Correct, their point is to allow for an INSTANT car, not a scheduled car.  Call a regular car service if you need to schedule a ride - they're suffering horribly thanks to Uber and Lyft and the like.  Otherwise, wait until 5-10 minutes before you go (assuming you're in a reasonably well populated area) and use the app.
John HurstBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Right, you cannot schedule one somewhere else. You must get there and call. OR, you can use a Cab.
John HurstBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
@Richard - Thank you and good luck in your travels.
Richard KortsAuthor Commented:

The thing I do not understand about this is if you need to get somewhere on a schedule, you are totally at their mercy & the availability of one of their drivers near where you are.

For example, in this SPECIFIC case, I need to catch a train at 7:08 AM on Sunday, I am leaving from a place 18 miles (95% freeway) from the train station. So what are the odds of an available uber or lyft driver in a suburban area of San Diego at 6:15 AM on a Sunday?

I'd guess not good.

Cab costs twice as much but is MUCH more reliable.
John HurstBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
The only thing I can suggest is if you can estimate when you are (say) 10 minutes from the destination where you want the Uber car, call and reserve.

It is not the best way, but the only way I know. When reservations are important (I needed such when going overseas in May), I use cabs even though more expensive.
Sean ScissorsProgram Analyst IICommented:
@Richard, Uber and Lyft drivers are on the road 24/7. I have called some before at 4am and they are actually around maybe 5min away but I do live in Los Angeles where they are constantly everywhere. A large factor is where you live and how busy of a place it is. It seems the busier it is the more of them their are around because the more rides they give the more money they make. If you are that worried I would suggest using a regular cab service as you are correct that you are at the mercy of a driver being around you at any given time.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Uber and Lyft (as I've seen and understand) are like a taxi service that shows you EXACTLY where the cabs are so you know when they will get to you.  

They are NOT a car service that you can call and schedule a pickup.  Taxi services can be inexact as well - they are often cheaper than car services but if they get busy, your normal 10 minute wait for pickup could be 30 minutes.

Think of it like this:
Taxi, Uber and Lyft are like Fast Food services - there are no reservations, you just walk in and order.  If you walk in at the wrong time, you may have to wait 5-10 minutes on line.  Or longer.  And then you wait a few minutes for your food... your entire time from opening the door to having your food could be 5 minutes and that's GREAT when you are in a rush.

But if you know when you want to eat and you want a nicer experience, you might make reservations at a restaurant.  Now you know you won't have to wait (long) when you get there but your waiter probably won't even take your order until 10 minutes in... maybe longer.... it's a nicer experience.

BOTH provide meals, but one is for quick, need it now, the other is for relaxing and enjoying your meal.

BOTH Uber, Lyft, Taxi Services, and Car services provide door to door transportation... one does it on demand, the other does it on schedule.
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