Best Linux Distro for this software

Hi all,

I'm a Linux newbie, but i'd like to install it to demo OpenEMR:

A very respected EE person suggested that Makulu is the best Linux distro.

OpenEMR doesn't have a "package" install file for Makulu, but it does for Ubuntu and Mint. But, if Makulu is the best distro, i'm willing to plow through the install process.

Thoughts please?
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Makulu is based on Ubuntu, so you can use the package built for ubuntu and install it the same way.
Go-BruinsAuthor Commented:
Thank you. Can you explain why you like Makalu over something like....Mint?
Makulu runs faster than any other distro's I've tried on the same hardware. It has a very polished UI, the nicest I've seen. It is also a lot easier to use than the crappy unity interface which you get on Ubuntu. The newest current version of MakuluLinux, LinDoz uses Cinnamon as it's UI (same as what mint usually comes with), but it has been adapted to look like Windows. You can choose between different Themes to make it look and act similar to XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10.
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Go-BruinsAuthor Commented:
Thanks again. If my main objective is to use it to host a business app like OpenEmr, would it still be a good and reliable platform?

Or, would I be better off using a "server" flavor of Linux like Ubuntu Server?
Then a server flavor would probably be better. One that doesn't use a GUI.
Go-BruinsAuthor Commented:
Thanks. Do you like Ubuntu Server over the other server flavors?
Currently I don't use Ubuntu server, but rather Zentyal, as it is easier to manage. But if you don't need the modules that come with Zentyal, Ubuntu server is probably better for you. But remember that you will have to do everything via the terminal, or maybe via a Web-browser on another PC if the software you are installing is managed that way (I don't know that particular software).
Go-BruinsAuthor Commented:
Thanks. Sorry for all the follow-up questions.

So here's my dilemma...I'm new to Linux, and the command line seems daunting. Distros like Mint and Makulu obviously make it much easier for someone like me.

*If* I don't use the Mint/Makulu installs to surf, run games, or otherwise use it like a personal PC, would Ubuntu Server offer undeniable advantages in terms of reliability, speed, or security to warrant its use?
If you will only use the server for that particular software, the terminal should not be any problem.

Server distro's are generally more secure, as less is installed that could have security holes. It also won't be using any extra resources for your general desktop things, but rather they will all be available to your special app.

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Go-BruinsAuthor Commented:
*Much* appreciated!
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